Also the prestigious guide of “777 Il Portolano”, so precious for sailors, has chosen to have on board ARIMAR.


Il Portolano 777 is designed by recovering the idea that was the basis of the ancient “carte portolaniche”, ie that it was useful to have maps together, nautical plans and description of the landing place. The boater has in his hands an authoritative tool, complete and useful to navigate in peace and to spend time better the cruise.


It is with great pride that we announce this partnership for which not only, our rafts will be on board the 3 boats that with a team of envoys travel more than 4000 miles a year, but our Engineers have also been “called” to intervene with an interesting article in the heading “SECURITY ON BOARD” in the new editions of the various volumes of “Il Portolano”, such as:

– Italy – Adriatic and Ionian in Italian – 2018/19 edition

– Italy – Tirreno and Ligure in Italian – 2018/19 edition

– Sicily and Malta in English – edition 2018/19

– Ionian Greece in Italian – 2018/19 edition

– Greece Egea in English – edition 2018/19


The full article in italian here