Med Group

un mare di eccellenza

The young Italian group was born in 2015, sprouting from the expertise and productive tradition of one among the world’s top leaders in the field of maritime safety.


Today, Med Group has two production facilities, four brands leaders in their respective fields and a team of over 200 employees.


Preserving the history while developing a new organizational and technological model where quality, innovation and cooperation are the beating heart of the group is the main goal of the young management team.


Mission and Values

“Med Group wants to be a leading company and an excellent

partner through relations of thrust and values like reliability, innovation

and Italian passion for those living the sea for those who wants to live the sea.

To give the best to achieve the best, creating relations of mutual trust, respect

and esteem. To be transparent and respect rules.

To work in team and for the team. To communicate, listen and value…”








…to work with gratification...

Meritocracy and cooperation are the basis of our business project

and we want to be the key players of an on-going improvement process to innovate and grow

thanks to a responsible use of our material and human resources.



“When we decided to create Med Group, we embarked on a new great adventure,

we took up this important challenge which would not have been possible without the collaboration of our team.

This is why we’ve chosen not to impose a business mission…on the contrary, ours is a common mission

sprouting from the reflections, desires and goals of our team and we are proud to preserve it”


Our Team

A great team spirit to materialize our business mission and bring its values into everyday commitment.




Top Management

Middle Management


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